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Millers v Middlesbrough Gets New Date

New York NEZ

Vital Reserves Team
Good grief, I didn't know our game V Luton had been cancelled. We need to get level with other teams on games played as quickly as we can and pick some points up along the way too because I'm worried that the Football League might bring this season to an abrupt end like they did last season and we could be caught with our pants down, so to speak, with games in hand but fewer points and well and truly relegated.


Alert Team
Staff member
There's always the chance the FL will do that isn't there, Nez. Especially if the covid figures keep rising (and people won't do as they are told).

It would be sensible to play one of our 'in hand' games on the day we should have played Luton - but sensible and Football League don't always go together do they.