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Merino signs permanent deal until 2022*

Luckily for those of us that have seen the potential, he seems to be off the radar of the usual 'experts' on Sky and the like.

If he keeps things up then I dont doubt he'll be a £40m player by the end of next season and if Ashley is still here, Merino will be ripe for a sale after some spoiling tactics internally.

Aside from that, excellent news.
daftladguy - 13/10/2017 12:38

Was merino scouted by Rafa, or someone else????

If Rafa, more power to his elbow, regarding further in comings.
By Rafa. There was a piece the other day which said he had a database of 20,000 players that had been extensively scouted including things like personality and how they reacted to missing chances like their facial reaction.

Whether Merino was one for this season or not is debatable because it's been said that if Rafa doesn't get his first choice players, he can work down the list. Personally I dont think we've had a player like Merino and it's a question of which top club he plays for now.


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Brilliant news,with Hayden in front of the back four and Shelvey & Merino in the middle we could have a decent midfield for a few years tho tubbies probably rubbing his hands.
keggy_keagal - 13/10/2017 14:43

I thought it was on Steve Nickson's recommendation after he scouted him and Murphy at the under 21 Euro's .
It probably was but I meant that it will have been a Rafa 'camp' decision rather than one of those 'deals' done under other managers where they get given a player to work with.

Rafa's database will be full of scout reports from many blokes that he trusts no doubt with things on that you wouldn't normally expect.

Wonder if he actually has 'Facial expression when he misses a chance' marked out of 20 on the list?


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Meanwhile we all wait for tubby to make a move.
I reckon he's going nowhere.We're stuck with the fucker,bit like the tories & the food banks.
Maybe a striker & leftback in January would make it bearable.


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I think by getting the likes of Lascelles and Merino tied to long term contracts Ashley is getting his house in order for a sale.

The rumour about Benitez being offered a new long term contract was put out there by Ashley's minions to see if Benitez would bite. No doubt tying Benitez to a long term deal would make the club more attractive to potential new investors. Here's hoping it's sooner rather than later.