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Match Thread: Wigan Athletic v Lincoln City


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QUIZ: Lincoln City v Wigan Athletic (20/02/2021):

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Wigan Athletic (a): Three Things The Imps Need To Do To Win:

"Play with intensity from the start. Sunday's match with Accrington was probably the slowest we have started a game."

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Information about the match officials.

Michael Appleton: "We shouldn't worry about and think about disappointments.":

A summary of what Michael Appleton said yesterday.

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"Leam Richardson (Caretaker) is class considering what the club has been through..."

Wigan Athletic v Lincoln City: Team News:

As the title suggests.


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As much as I get jittery looking at the table and how close the pack are behind us following a recent return of only 5 points from 12, we haven't actually lost much ground on our competitors over the last 5 games. We have 8 points from 15 (just over 2 points per game) which is,

four less than Oxford and two less than Peterborough but,

the same as Accrington, Sunderland and,

one more than Hull, Portsmouth, Charlton
two more than Doncaster and
three more than Ipswich

In fact the only teams that have done better than us over their last 5 games are,

Oxford 12 points
Plymouth 11 points
Peterborough MK Dons and Blackpool 10 points
Shrewsbury and Burton 9 points

So a win today will maintain our 5 game total at 8 points (still two per game) and keep us very much on target to stay in the top two.
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Possible coupon busters:

1. Us obviously,
2. Acc v Shrews : Shrews have only lost 2 of 9 matches against current top 8 sides.
3. Portsmouth v Blackpool : Blackpool have only lost 2 of 8 matches against current top 8 sides (unbeaten in last 5 v top 8).

Basically anyone could beat anyone!


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Wigan are in a complete mess at the moment so there will never be a better season to play them. That said professional pride will surely play a huge part today after their home thrashing. We just need to keep things tight and be patient. Looking forward to see Sanders again. Thought he had a good steady debut. Big plus will be Rogers, who was badly missed on Wednesday. Wonder if Brennan will start today. The lads looked very jaded the last couple of games and looks like he really needs a rest for a couple of games. UTI 👊💥


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MA doesn't seem to want to bench him (Johnson), which is understandable as he's done very well this season. But he's played 90 minutes in 6 of the last 8 and he played 89 and 78 in the other 2 games!

Scully deserves a chance and Johnson needs a rest, seems a no brainer to me.


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A few clearly expecting Sanders to start again, but MA said recently of the new signings Max was the one whose fitness levels needed the most work.

He looked good for his hour on Wednesday but may be on the bench today? With Jones struggling to get back to full fitness midfield options are limited, and a run of 4 successive weeks with midweek games, needs careful management particularly with the injuries we now have.