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Match thread - Rotherham v Forest, must win ?

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Yes, most of us would say must win, we need points on the board to get up the table but I have a sneaky feeling for the Potters, a small town club and they're fighting hard to stay up. And they only have a fraction of what we would have spent over the years. Nevertheless we need those points. 3 games in a week though is stretching our playing staff to its limits and we have too many old blokes in our ranks to get happy with the situation, we need those points and so do they. Even a draw might see me satisfied although I think our manager is starting to get results for his efforts and 2 or 3 of his signings might make the difference.
I've never been to Rotherham and never seen a picture of their new ground either but have always known it's name, New York Stadium. Never forgotten that. How could you ?
Don't know our team yet but anticipate that there may be a few changes due to injuries and the number of old blokes that we carry.
Over to you fellows who have much more idea than me.

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I’d like to think we’ve turned a corner in recent weeks and have enough to get at least 4 points out of the next 2 games. 2 draws wouldn’t be a complete disaster but 2 wins and you would have to think we’d be well on our way to securing Championship football next season. I’ve been quite impressed with CH and the job he's done thus far. Initially he steadied the ship, made us hard to beat and now we’re winning more than we’re losing and the quality of the football is slowly improving. Despite the stigma of him being a dour defensive manager, I think the quality of the football is more an indication of the quality of players we have at our disposal rather than Hughtons football ethos - as the old saying goes “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear” I’m quietly confident we’ll comfortably finish mid to upper half in the table come seasons end and with a couple of astute CH approved signings and the shedding of the deadwood in the summer, might be tempted to stick a cheeky few quid on us going up.


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Two wins would potentially put us comfortably mid-table and only a few points from safety depending on results at the bottom.

Even 4 points would be a good haul and leave us well in control of our own destiny.


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Thinking of Derby maybe.
If it was me, I get Rotherham out of the way.
If we lose today, we will get sucked in again....especially if result go against us. We need to keep in mind that Rots have games in hand.
If they best us today its game on again...
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