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Match thread, Forest v Luton, part of a lucky run?

Wow. Based on this showing, dare I say that for the majority of that half, Luton looked the poorest side we've faced all season? Constantly giving the ball away. Can't remember seeing our CMs with so much space.

That said... You can just see them nicking it with their one chance of the game. Murray has been dreadful, Knockaert the classic mix of occasionally decent skill and embarrassing cock-ups (like booting the corner straight out of play).

I'd take off Murray for Taylor and think about losing Cafu for Freeman. Full backs have been good and Garner tidy; that's about it positives-wise.


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All seems a bit flat to me . We don't look dangerous. Yes Murray has missed 2 sitters but the rest look poor . Lolley is just not doing it for what ever reason .
They don't appear to look like scoring , problem is if they do can't see us being able to reply .


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Pity Yates isn't on the bench.

I'm hoping we can put the pieces together and score a couple of goals to settle the nerves.

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Looking at those 7 goals the first Four were because wingers beat their fullbacks and opened up the defence. Getting to the bye line and cutting back to players running on was important. Only when we had ripped apart their wings did we play through the middle as it was now a soft centre.

Lolley on the left wing. A lfooter n the left wing. That unusual. See if we can get to bye line and cut back.

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Anyone else’s picture shit on the red button?
That's why I'd rather pay tenner & watch on i follow the red button coverage is dreadful.
Been decent half we really should be ahead Murray is having his limitations shown up tonight. lolley looks a bit more like it but not up the old standards by any means but better than of late. Steve Hodge reckons their wide midfielders will tire towards with the way the team is set up they have a lot of ground to cover. Good to se us playing at a decent tempo and getting on with the game quickly at restarts. Still suffering a bit from Lack of movement up front and lack of bodies in the box at times.


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Murray doesn’t ever miss chances like that normally , he will come good in the second half. Him and knockaert have a real understanding and awareness of each other on the pitch, he will bury one of these chances second half .

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Wonder if Murray is feeling all the games he's played recently, hardly played all season now playing almost every game and nearly all of them?