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Match day thread forest v Leeds.


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Brum result doesnt look quite so bad against their result yesterday but still annoyed from last week.

We need a game like brentcelona where concentration is strong and we bag all the points by any means necessary.

Storm doo dah and late kick off means the telebox today and fine whiskey.

mr ron

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Brum might be thinking about doing the late charge through the pack, Hogan and Juke look a useful pair together. We should have beaten them though 3 golden chances to score game should have been over before they scored the winner.

Hopefully that loss will make them more focused and determined, Leeds will play how we like teams to play and try to dominate the possession so could play into our hands. Grabban needs to be on it though, he may only get a couple of chances and he used his quota of sitters missed up last week.

Pope John XXIII

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A win today would feel like uncharted territory.

My own attendance is in doubt as I have to pick Mrs Pope up from NTU in Clifton a little bit too close to kick off time for comfort


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Derby's late push for the playoffs is gaining momentum I see. I'm terrified they're going to be the team that has the late run this year.