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Looking forward Tuesday .

chris who

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A really tough night. Anything less than a dropping down the table again must be considered as a good night .It looks like a few below us may put the pressure on us .Bristol Rovers have a tough game too so matching or bettering them is perhaps the minimum we need.


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It probably won’t stop this forum (and KoL) going into meltdown if we lose.

Anything at all from the game will be great imho. But I’m a bit concerned that Sunlun have been on a poor run (especially at home) and we have a decent track record of helping teams out of their slumps.


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The home fans will expecting Sunderland to take us to the cleaners so, if it`s still level after, say, 25 mins, they`ll be well & truly getting on the backs of the Black Cats.

I`m hoping that, after the win on Saturday, and because we will be seen as under dogs (no pun intended !), SL will set out an attacking line-up and encourage us to be positive and adventurous. If that happens i`m sure most Gills fans will be satisfied and applaud the club for "having a go". If we lose, we lose; it`ll be more about spirit IMO. UTG...


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Agreed. Let's face it, realistically we can't be going there expecting much in spite of our generally better away form than home form. But they have been struggling to put teams away lately, and on the basis of reports from Saturday there might actually be the revival of us playing as a team instead of a group of randomly scattered individuals.

On the basis of that alone I'm actually looking forward to this one more than my last match at Burton. Just hope I have a similar feeling after the final whistle.
After watching the Sunderland/Accrington game the other night, if we use the width of the pitch with pacey wide players, we will hurt them.
Their full backs really push on, and Paul Smyth kept drifting out wide to cut back in and was causing all sorts of problems.
I can see a fair few goals as they are dangerous going forward as we can be also, but both look fragile at times at the back.
If we can nick a draw, that’ll be a fantastic result.
Safe trip to all the fans travelling up!


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If the players who played on Saturday turn up we can get something we got pressure, but for me Sunderland have to win and if we score first the jitters will set in ,


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I was reading that the atmosphere at SoL has recently been pretty toxic and negative if they don’t get on top early. Think that’s the key. If we can stay in the contest a while, their fans might start to put all sorts of pressure and nerves on their own team.


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If we back each other up the way we did on saturday we'll give them something to think about. Ive got to settle for live txt. Work take a dim view of me streaming live matches.


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They have the biggest budget in the division, biggest support by a mile, you can understand why they're not particuarly happy..

Not out of the question we can get a draw, certainly think we've got more of a chance away than if we were at home. They've drawn 4 of the last 5 at home.


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I'll be dashing down from Glasgow late afternoon. Closest game of the season so couldn't miss it, albeit it a Tuesday night.

The win against Scunthorpe has taken the pressure off this one. The sort of game where anything would be a very unexpected bonus, so we can focus on enjoying the trip. Really looking forward to it.



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Bingham and Lopes need to play and we need to keep the game goalless as long as possible, even perhaps try to nick one.

If we concede early as in the Barnsley game, we could be in a lot of trouble.