Leicester sack Shakespeare


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Not sad to see him get his cards.

Always convinced that he was the snake in the grass behind Ranieri's departure, whispering in the player's ears, being their chum, promising them he would change their training regime.

Strangely this passed me by until this morning - you would think it would get a higher profile wouldn't you? But no, it would not fit the narrative that the wonderful club that had the fairytale success could sack their second manager so quickly and behave in this manner. Whenever a City manager exited the door it was a massive deal.

If you live by the sword you had better be prepared to die by it as well.

Perhaps the Leicester Board have just realized what they have done and that was sack the best manager they ever had or will have instead of getting rid of the troublemakers.

May they wallow in their own cesspit as their eyeholes turn to arseholes and shit rolls down their necks :001: :001: :001: :001: :001: :001: :001:
Leicester will fall apart, unless they can persuade a decent Coach to take over, but I am sure they will not get anyone of significance and may just end up with BFS


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Not going to be Sam the man anyway.
Vardy? Will be interesting watching what he gets up to now! He won’t want to be going down a league.