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last three games i recon...


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I expect 1 point at QPR and hope that will be enough to keep us in the league. Don't really mind relegation though. Pardew might get hoyed out, less money for that fat bastard, we might even be competitive. Whats not to like?


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Crooktownmags, you may be right about a couple of things, pardew will no doubt get the boot if we go down, the fat man will get less money, but I can't see us being competitive as most of our first team squad will fuck off and we'll be left with very little to try and get back into the top flight


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Toon_Demon - 1/5/2013 10:36

I vaguely recall Joey barton saying when he was here that they used to have a notice board that they put articles criticising the team up on which they used for motivation, that board needs to be brought out of the cupboard and used again (although we'll need more than one to fit all the criticism from last week).
Would it have an effect on Pardew if there was a board with articles criticising him or doesn't he allow it?