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KP Nuts?


Alert Team
Well looks like the big clear out has started at the ECB starting with Kevin Pietersen. I have to say after the way he batted this winter and his refusal to change and bat for the team, I feel the ECB had little choice. I have defended him in the past but nobody could defend him after this last series could they?


Has a high horse
Great talent but causes so many problems. Talk to anyone who had dealings with him when he played fir Cannock in the Birmingham League.
When you are winning you can carry the baggage. When you are being stuffed then it highlights the differences.
Just heard Mark Ilot on the news saying there was a huge row between KP and Cook in Sydney.
He's always been a problem, so time to cut lose. I have no problem with this at all. Even Dominic Cork has just been coherent and informative about the situation. That must be a first?


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Dry roasted every day of the week.

I think he's been hung out to dry to some extent, sending him out to the boundary to field etc. Also dual standards with respect to performance.

But if Flower, Trott and Swann went for various reasons - KP had to go too.

it is a first for Corky, he's such a knob on Talksport - so OTT.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Time has passed and no one can defend his antics in the last few years. I wouldn't have had him back after the SA incident.