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Kids will be kids

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Well if that is meant to be a replica, it is slightly larger than my real thingy... So yes. Maybe for the rest of you that is small.

If so, I will keep telling myself size isn't everything and carry on regardless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :153:


Good god that thing is a snake, reminds me of a bloke when i was an apprentice he was known as King Dick and the dick head i am a silly teenager said to the blokes ''why do you call him that?'' and about a few hours late when i was taking a pizz he walked in a flopped out the biggest thing i have ever seen in my life i was like ''get the feck away from me maaan'' lol all the work blokes was outside the bigs pizzin theselves laffin and said when i came out ''now you know why lad we call him king dick'' the ba***ds lol