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Johnson's got Corona


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Maybe the god nut jobs are not be be so easily rubbished lol.

Whenever god is supposed to have stepped in to bring us back to the correct path all levels of society are targeted!


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Westminster is a hot spot so this was always a possibility. The further worry is if it has spread through those at the head of government. The very last thing we need is numbers of them falling seriously ill. The man is an arse in my opinion but I hope he makes the speediest of recoveries.
Clearly you have a better opinion of him than he has of you!


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Today’s stupid question goes to Beth Rigby

Do you think the PM should have taken more care to avoid the virus?

Derrrrr !

chris who

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I can't believe that after PMQ's on Wednesday, Johnson and some of his mates (Hancock included) all crowded round the speaker in very close contact with each other. Talk about practice what you preach. Stupid!!
Exactly what I said.It makes you wonder how many other MPS and parliamentary workers he passed it on to.