I’m back ! | Vital Football

I’m back !

I’ve missed you guys !
In remission but healthy and raring to post once again
And what a wonderful season we have had !
I’ve been watching avidly but without the strength or inclination to post I’m afraid
Don’t like the premiership but it’s what we fans aspire to so lots of optimism for next season
Glad you are back, glad you are back (reminds me of a certain song but I cant remember which!)

:grinning::smoke: :cheers: :toot: :wahey:


Vital 1st Team Regular
Thanks guys what a year it’s been for myself and our beloved club
At least I’ve had the time to watch and reflect on the whole season
Which surely has to go down as one of the greatest ever in memory
The team togetherness has been extraordinary and I think there will be certainly no more than 3/4 additions this summer providing we keep hold of our main assets