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Idiot dials 999 after Man U lose


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A Man United fan called the police demanding to speak to Alex Ferguson after they lost to Sunderland in the League Cup.

What a fucking knobhead is all I can say. I hope they find him and prosecute him, it's not funny the emergency services are there for a reason, they aren't there for a joke.


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Lock him up. Someone could have died with this prank. I know that sounds over the top, but its not. Pranks like these puts lives in danger. Moron.


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Is this some sort of publicity stunt?

More people could have died in the time it took to issue that ridiculous over the top statement about telephoning the club where you will probably (not definately) blah blah blah. They must have had some spare time to put that out. Have they run out of black kids to stop and search or young vauxhall corsa driver to harrass?

Just put the fucking phone down and move on.

I hate these wankers.

My Sister works in a large Hospital, including the A&E. Someone was in there this week for a Lovebite. She got told off for telling people the difference between an Ambulance and a Taxi.

We need a system to charge them a fee. It's the only language they understand.


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Pride of Lions - 23/1/2014 16:40

Completely stupid if you ask me. Haven't they got something better to do...... like watch Man Citeh?
At least the plastics haven't got far to travel to move their allegiance