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I know, I know....


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A lot of you don't like Ollie - mainly for walkies on his contract BUT...

What we need is someone LIKE Ollie who made a bunch of players believe in themselves and began to be successful. In his reign he not only took us to the promised land but so nearly did it again the next season! Instill passion and belief and any team can go anywhere! That's the type of manager we need.

Someone like Stuart Pearce. What's he up to these days?


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I really hope we push the boat out for Karl Robinson from Oxford, can’t see it myself though sadly.

As for Pearce, he commentates a lot on Talksport Bob.


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Karl Robinson would be a brilliant appointment but I can't see that happening nor Evatt. Probably end up with another miserable useless tw@t.


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Evatt is probaly to soon but with the right guidance i would be more than happy with him, seems to have taken Ollies passion, style and beliefs. Were have we heard play like Barca before. Who the right hand man is, havent a clue i did wonder if Bowyer would be able to come back now and work with DD until season end then step up and let EVO take over .


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I fear if we don't go for Evatt now it'll be a missed opportunity because someone else will take a chance on him and more than likely do well from it.