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How do you decide where to move...?


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Do your research, make some plans, don't rush into it ... and keep us up to date with your plans. Good luck. And don't forget to post the photo of you surrounded by gorgeous Sheilas on some sun-drenched beach!


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A quick caveat - I am not trying to sway your decision making process one way or the other.

I may have a rather biased opinion but Australia is an amazing place to live. For anyone moving here from Europe, we have summers you can only dream of and 'winters' that would not even rival European spring and autumn months. In some of the tropical climates such as Darwin, we don't even have a winter. Body Butter can confirm this being a resident of Malaysia.

We are very close to SE Asia, so flights are generally cheap. Thailand (Phuket) and Indonesia (Bali) are probably some of the most popular holiday destinations for Aussies.

Australia, unlike most of the other Western countries has remained in a very healthy position in regards to unemployment and job prospects with our natural resources sector continuing to boom (albeit this has slowed down, particularly exploration, of late). We are heavily influenced by China's demand.

Average Aussie wage is about 67k the last time I checked (about 12 months ago). You can check the bureau of statistics for alot of info.

One thing to consider is, you can't simply drive from Melbourne up to Sydney for a weekend getaway. It is 900km! Australia is quite a large, sparsely populated country with about 80% of the population living on the East Coast. Alot of tourists, newly immigrated people and even alot of naive, latte sipping Aussies (namely from Sydney and Melbourne) make this mistake and think this is possible.

And yes, just like other big cities, all of our big cities have traffic. Sydney's traffic is appalling. Our public transport system is not quite as good as you would find in London.

But above all else my advice would be to move somewhere for the job not the destination. And remember, home is where you make it.


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The Fear - 20/6/2013 02:51

Interesting BodyButter, kept meaning to ask you how come you moved over there. What age were you? I must admit, I'd thought maybe you'd gone with parents / family.

I know nothing about Malaysia I must be honest.
I was 25.

I just wanted out before I got trapped in the rat race and Malaysia is far enough away from my parents and sufficiently mental to keep me amused.
Biggest question honestly is what job will make you happy?

Are you more concerned with moving for a job or just travelling?

Sex phone line? You don't even have to move you husky voiced stud! lol

Honestly it sounds like you want travel but to earn on the way more than move for a job.

The line about getting out of your comfort zone if applied to a career, before upping sticks, what about courses to give you that leg up and touch of experience that might help jobs come quicker dude?

You talked about design job, if that's where your heart is take the courses whilst you have a stable job behind you dude. Life is long, plan it rather than jumping without the means to get what you want dude.

What would a design qualification have done for your prospects for the job in London when you yourself say you had no experience?


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Thats a good post Mike...

Thinking about it Im not 100% sure what I want but I suppose what I would really like in life is freedom... And it would seem the best way for me to achieve that is to own my business but I feel I need experience first... And working from that perspective clientside Project Management seems like the best option for having my own business...

How do I get to that route well I dont know... Work on site, make it to PM, get experience in that role and then when Im fully sick of working for someone else bail and setup my own company...

I would move for the job if I felt it were the right job but as you have guessed I think travelling is closer to what I want... Ideally I would like to build my career and travel at the same time... Its definitely possible...

The thing with my job is its an internship its not stable and Iv no prospects after it as far as that company and Ireland goes, and Il be finished my internship pretty soon Il have another two months there if Im lucky...

The job that would make me happy is the one that will allow me to have a life... Will I get that in London? I dont know perhaps not... Will I get it working on a mine in Oz? No but the monetary return would allow me to do more travelling for a longer period of time... Will I get it in a different job in Oz? Possibly...

Damn these decisions are hard! Im going to get the numbers off my pal 2mo and see what the story is... If I can get something that sounds great Il go if not I might go for the London rat race for 6-12 months until I get a Visa for Canada...
There's a hell of a lot to be said for being your own boss, setting your own hours and so on, but being an employee you know exactly what hours you work generally and exactly what time you get off with a steady wage, being self employed you can become a slave to the job constantly working because of the worry of when the next job might come.

I know very little about the construction industry bu if it's the more management aspects (which I assume project managing is more than physical labour) I'd imagine there would be courses available that might not give you the experience you want, but would give you the skills to maybe get a job in that area quicker than working from the bottom level up maybe for you then to get the experience.

Might be an outside shot and I'm really not sure on the feasibility, but could you travel on a freelance basis by mapping projects where you could get work for a few months, work and see a new area and then move onto the next project in another area?

At the very least you want something where prospects are possible and given your ideal aim, at least a job where not only can you over time get more experience and move up the ladder, but also get them to pay for your training if possible.

Thing is though dude, instead of jumping in and let's face it you might drop on a job you never thought of and end up loving it in 12 months time, but at least you are considering it in advance and thinking of options so you have at least some plan that will help with stability down the line.


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I travelled / worked for a bit, never really worked out for me, missed the comfort of the old homeland - with the exception of living in the states for 15 years !

Whatever you do, make sure you know where the Irish consulate is in the country you are travelling / working - they are under obligation to get you home if you have problems (well at least the British one is.)


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I accept owning your own business takes a big commitment just to get it rolling never mind take it to a place where I can do what I want... But Il do what it takes because working for others does not appeal to me...

Iv made many plans over the last year but most have been long term and I dont have the patience to wait it out... It feels like Im just wasting time being here in this rubbish internship where they dont care about my development Im just cheap labour to them... I want to get out there and get a real job with decent prospects but also I want to travel, see things, enjoy myself and have a bit of an adventure...

Regardless of what I do Il have to do it on my own but at least in London there is people I know where as in Oz I would know a few people but I might not be able to connect with them...

Iv gotten some great advice but Im still no closer to figuring things out... :14:


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What up guys a little early for an update but still Iv figured where I want to go and this thread helped me figure things out...

I realised I still had little interest in going to Oz or London but Canada was still high on the list... When I thought about why I wanted to go there again a huge part of it was because I thought it would be too difficult to go to America...
It was my second choice and after seeing a mate go to America to live I decided to do the same...

Iv applied and paid for a Visa and hopefully in a few weeks Il know if Im going to be accepted...
Im looking at going to NYC I have a few contacts so hopefully I can pull something off... I think I have enough money to support myself for maybe 2 months while Im looking hopefully it will only take me a couple of weeks to get something...
Our college has links with JT Magen and Turner and a couple of my classmates or alumni work with them so thats my first port of call... After that Iv got 10-15 companies book marked so Il be applying to them aswell...

If you guys have anymore tips or anyone living in America got anything to tell me it would be much appreciated...

Thanks again fellas...


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Have you thought about Dundalk?
The El Paso of Ireland, what's not to like?
One of our daughters went to college there and her landlady often said to her - "Sure, it's a grand size of a town".
(I'm sure you can imagine the accent.)


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Frankus, I found your post interesting. I've got friends who have moved to Oz and have found myself envious, but not anymore. The sun and the heat are terrible things and the thought of having to think about that each day, and the discomfort from it would be unbearable for me.
There must be a reason why the best human specimens come from cold climates, and why Europe and the northern hemisphere has over history being more popular.
So taking the sunshine out of th equation I can think of no benefits to moving to Australia. He best jobs are here, the highes paying jobs are here, we have thousands of fascinating hitorical destinations on our doorstep, we have the best mix of sport and entertainment events, we have the most diverse mix of cultures, and we have a better climate.


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James, I like the UK and the convenience of having Europe just across the pond but I can see why Australia is appealing. The climate in the UK I could put up with, plus it is cheap by comparison to live. Overall though I see the two countries (when I say country, I mean UK) being very similar. Remember, Australia is a very young country so using history UK and Europe will always have it over us. We also have a fairly small population. The northern hemisphere is more populous because everything is far closer and 10,000 years ago it was easier to get around.

I will admit, it can be pretty awful waking up at 6.30am with the sun shining and coming home at 6.30pm with the sun still shining, instead of waking up in the dark and getting home in the dark (insert your own sarcasm here). But not every Australian city is stinking hot and sunny all year round. Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth can be quite cold. Darwin is in a tropical zone, much the same as Singapore, or Miami, Florida. Each to their own I guess.

To say the UK have the best paying jobs is incorrect. The average Australian salary is hovering just over AUD 70k, or GBP 40,000. The average UK wage would be lucky to be GBP30,000? I don't know where I can find a reliable figure so I can't be sure of that. We've seriously considered moving to the UK and financially we would be taking giant leaps backwards because of the high AUD and current comparative low wages.

Also sports and entertainment events, I guess that is based on location and what you were raised on. Americans think basketball, baseball and American football is interesting, whilst over here our biggest sports are probably Australian Rules/Football, Rugby League and Rugby Union in that order. Most Australians dislike 'soccer'. We are a multicultural country, maybe not quite to the extent of UK but again, we are much smaller and far more isolated.

CDX, what type of visa did you apply for? I'm an American and I "imported" my husband (he loves it when I say that!) from England, so we're fairly familiar with the visa process. There's a site we've found quite helpful: Good luck!


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Frankus, it only takes a brief summer spell for me to long for dark wintry nights when the Christmas lights are on and the German market is in town, the prospect of not having that again is notice for me. So even with your sarcasm, hot bright mornings and hot bright evenings 365 days of he year are genuinely unappealing to me.
With regards sports and entertainment, I could get to all the ashes host cities within an hour or two by car. Every weekend there are the very top musicians and artists performing within the same area, the very best theatre, opera, concerts etc almost every day of the year. Some of the best museums, and that's just within the uk. When you consider the area you talk about (Darwin to Sydney) is comparable to London to Istanbul then it really is not comparable.
And when you talk of salaries, whilst the average may be higher (relative to the cost of living) the highest earners in the uk are far and away higher than the in Oz. hence the very richest people on the planet are either resident or own property and are partly resident in the UK, including the wealthiest Australians.


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villabrownie - 22/7/2013 03:04

CDX, what type of visa did you apply for? I'm an American and I "imported" my husband (he loves it when I say that!) from England, so we're fairly familiar with the visa process. There's a site we've found quite helpful: Good luck!
Its a J1 Intern Visa 12 months provided I get work... Im looking at going to NYC I had an interview the Visa company today and the guy reckons I should no problems getting work... A lot of Irish people who do Construction Mgt like myself seem to get jobs quickly according to him...
I suppose its like anything if you go somewhere with a good attitude and put in the effort Il get what Im seeking... Apparently thats the craic for America if you have any tips on best practice for seeking work in America like dos and donts Id appreciate it...

IV never been to America before Im in for a massive change...