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Greed strikes again - Rory McIlroy


One Bloody Number
I knew it. Wins a couple of majors, lets it go to his head and now all he's interested in is money.

Signs up with Nike. Changes his clubs, has the gall to criticise a golfing legend in Nick Faldo for questioning his decsion and then claimed he was "good enough to play with any clubs".

Also signed a huge sponsorship with BOSE 2 days before this latest tournament.

And this is the result -

Why do they do it? How much money do they need?!?

He was winning majors, playing great golf and earning a fortune, was it really worth risking all that for a few million more?

Get a grip young man! The golf is the most important thing! You wanna be remembered as a greta or a greedy little **** who threw everything away in the hunt for more coin?
Sound like he has been badly advised. I read somewhere he had changed management companies towards the end of last year and they seem to have turned his head a bit.


Vital Champions League
This could be extended to our Olympic "heroes."

So much was made about how heroic they were, fighting on low budgets etc.

Well Mr Gymnast went on Strictly and has seemingly given up, Rebecca Adlington retires aged 23, Beth Tweddle dumped the sport and the boyfriend prior to her Dancing on Ice TV deal.

I'm afraid "sport" in terms of even a pro game that relates to the masses, has long gone.



Has a high horse
Tweddle and Addlington are over the hill in their respective sports. 15 year olds are winning the golds.
Smith said he would finish directly after the Olympics.
Not really a story.


Vital Champions League
There's been a few more quit since I believe.

Shame really, though after dancing on once there's a great career for Tweddle as a can opener.


Vital Football Legend
What's the problem with McIlroy?

I know he changed clubs to Nike but surely all high end golf clubs are pretty much the same?

If he's lost his edge it might be more to do with losing his hunger now that he's got a few million in the bank and won a few trophies.


Vital Football Legend
Nothing to do with greed, I heard on Sunday journos hinting at domestic trouble. The man himself says it was toothache, and that alone can be enough.


Vital Football Legend
If someone paid me a few million over a season/year/series of events: then I'd be planning my retirement straight away. I dont see why sportsmen are expected to be any different?

Boxers in particular, with the risks involved - I dont understand why they dont just give up after a big paying fight.


Has a high horse
I work with someone who's son is heavily involved in golf in Ireland, and knows the person concerned

He has changed out of a recognition into a thoroughly spoilt bratt according to him. I suppose it's no wonder with all the money and attention


One Bloody Number
When he got together with Caroline Wozniaki I though she would turn his head.

Since then it's all been about the money.

She's a greedy bitch and he's pussy whipped. End of.