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Good Music Comes To Gillingham N/G

From an earlier thread about guitar solos it seems that many of you like your blues based rock. Can I point you in the direction of The Woodlands Arts Center tomorrow where a band called The Mentulls are playing. The guitarist is the dogs whatsits and the drummer is A1. I saw them in Leicester at The Musician pub not so long ago and when I spoke to them I wasn't too complimentary about Gillingham as a place. So if anybody gets a chance to speak to them say hi. it's a long way from North Yorkshire and they would appreciate it. I have no connection to them I'm just a fan.


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I'll be there tomorrow night (Friday) as I always am. I'm constantly amazed by the quality of the bands at these monthly gigs, particularly the guitarists who are always staggeringly good. Last month there was a band called Deep Blue Sea, who's guitarist had played with lots of bands including Santana. The girl lead singer was outstanding too. The other band on that night were Roadhouse who were equally impressive.

The gigs are at the Woodlands Art Centre (Woodlands School as I used to know it) in Woodlands road Gillingham, near the football ground. I would urge anyone who likes their quality live music to go and have a look. Btw LE14_Gill, what's your real name if I speak to them? I assume they're from Yorkshire and you're from London.


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Daveycrocket "Last month there was a band called Deep Blue Sea, who's guitarist had played with lots of bands including Santana."

OMG, that's my mate Graham's band. Yes, the girl is fab, only 23 years old. He lives in SE London and I got to meet him as our respective wives are friends. He told me he was playing there but I couldn't go on that date. Saw them at a gig that turned out to be a bikers' festival near Gravesend back in June. They are playing in Soho on Sun 20th but I'm away for the whole weekend at Walsall.

Graham's a Geordie, Hartlepool fan and follows Newcastle too.


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Detritus; The dog's whatsits and A1 aren't their real names...honestly!
Gills1958; Tell your mate Graham they were superb and we'd welcome them back to Medway anytime they like.
Thanks for that Davey. Saved me a job. Enjoy the gig tonight. They will not know me by name but they may remember me saying that 'Gillingham is a pimple on the arse of Kent'. I'ts my hometown so I'm allowed to slag it off. Btw LE14 is a Leicestershire post code not London.