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Goal Scoring


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Two articles in the Mail going on about how Niko Muir is going to get loads of goals some time soon. No mention of Luke James who has managed only one goal so far this season. I know he runs around a lot and "creates space for others" but aren't forward players supposed to score goals? I am not expecting 20 a season but one goal in 11 games is not good enough if Pools really plan to challenge for promotion. He scored a few for Barrow last season so is he playing in a different position or is he lacking confidence/form?


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One thing's for sure, there are too many long balls played to Luke that he's never going to get on the end of. It's pretty frustrating to watch, especially when, unlike some of our teams recently, this team manages short passes so well.

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Got to agree with you Grabecca, Luke is never going to win aerial battles with the hulking centre halves of Conference football. If they must play long balls they need to be on the ground so he can use his pace.
It is still early days and I'm hopeful of both Luke and Niko scoring more regularly.


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In the video broadcast on the Mail website, Liam Kennedy reckons James and Muir are just not in the box enough because of the way the team is set up. James often found on the wing. So this begs the question: how are we going to score enough goals to get out of this horrible League? Will we reach a point this season when we just have to accept that Pools are difficult to beat but wont win enough games to go up?


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Needs mixing up, I thought Cassidy would have had a role to play with either James or Muir or we might even try three up top lol, this is Bates tho isn’t it.

James’ strength is around the ankles of the defender with the ball into his feet, he’s not good at chasing lost causes into channels. Recent history has seen pools’ strikers having to play dual roles, having to create and convert their own assists.

Wide players might help, Cassidy might help doesn’t seem as though we want to explore either option.