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Get Involved On The 100% Imps Forum!

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Since November 2011 Vital Lincoln City has put £20,047.10 into Lincoln City Football Club via sponsorship and donations, as well as donating £2,050.00 to a number of charities, including the Bradford Burns Unit and The Sincil Foodbank.

That's not all down to one individual, not even five, ten or twenty but to everyone who visits the site. Vital Lincoln City earns its money through ‘clicks’. So every time you visit the site, click/post on an article, click/post on a thread, contribute to polls on the 100% Imps Forum or on the Front Page, money is raised. More visitors = more money.

Transfer Rumours, Transfer News, Match Previews, Match Reports, Match Stats, Rate The Players, Rate The Ref, Opposition Supporter Interviews, Youth Team News/Results, Competitions and many, many other threads and Front Page Articles to view and post on.

Whatever information you want to find, the chances are you can on Vital Lincoln City.

With the site continuing to grow, we hope that all current posters will continue to contribute as well as they do. We also hope that anyone who has registered but not yet posted, or ones who have drifted away from the site, will return to an already active message board and in turn raise more funds for Lincoln City.

We also have an "Open Terrace & Off-Topic" forum, which you can get involved with HERE!
Not open for further replies.