Gate Predictions Rochdale


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The Official Gate at Spotland was

4,113 - no official Millers attendance though we heard 1,200 tickets had been sold and a steward told us there were 1,600 Millers in the ground - not sure if any of that is correct.

OK I make this

MILLER4LIFE was just +4 out and so gets 5 points for being within ten! Well Done!

and on -50 and getting 2 points we have SAINT

With me (CAZ) getting 1 point for being -116

BUT PLEASE check I've got this right!


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No problems to here is the updated table

The only mover is MILLER4LIFE who has moved up two places to joint 7th with MARKY.

SAINT has moved a bit further away in top spot with NOGGIN trying to catch him!

Thanks to all for having a go and to NOGGIN for putting up the original thread!