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Free energy.



I was just playing with a wind up toy car and couldnt believe how powerful and fast it was once i'd wound it up and released it. I then put a little pressure down on the car and still had loads of pull.

Some one please tell me why we cant make these cars on a larger scale for us to drive them?

Imagine having a nice aluminium car that works on a large powerful spring, where all we need is a braking system to control the speed.

Has this ever been done? = The Burdick Springwound Car (1895)!

I cant find any info on it, other than it flopped because the car over wound itself when going down a hill. Or ran out on long flat roads = surely modern day engineering can sort out these minor flaws?

Dont fret, its Good Friday and im bored lol.



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Flywheels work in theory but not in practise for this type of application
They have been used in pilot schemes for mains electricity to boost peak demand.

I think somebody skipped their Physics lessons whilst at school!!! Any idea how big (or dangerous) a spring would have to be to store enough energy? How long did your toy car run for?



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Just think about driving to work, how long it takes and the distance.

You have to go that distance moving the weight of the car and the passengers and allow the car to stop easily, pull away again, change speeds.

The winder would have to be unbelievable and it would have to stop all 'thrust' (for want of a better word) when you need to brake.

Cant be practicle (or is the modern word 'practicable'?) to store that amount of energy in a bent piece of steel.
You know where I live mate, my neighbour is an ex miner - most older folk around here are. Plenty of stock round here but Thatch's (rightful war on Unions) unfairly shot down our mining industry and the miner's live on as a testament to that, whilst Unite and the like still take the piss.

I find it abhorrant the coal we use, as we can guess after questions asked, is most often imported when we have tons in the ground within a few miles.

Would drive down costs, create new jobs, give our village a commodity again instead of the simple factory estates that have been created around here where the only jobs are because of woeful transport.

Rape the planet no. Rely only on fossil fuels no, but they still serve a purpose and if it's on hand, creates jobs, helps bring down energy inflation, for the short term why not.

Better than importing and helping sustain anothers economy. Looks good in the short term no doubt, but the long term and ancillary benefits...don't believe that for a second.