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Former players as managers


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One of those idle thoughts. I was just looking through and see that there are 7 former NUFC players currently managing in the top 4 leagues.

Does anyone know what the record is?

Just for the record, they are as follows:
Parker - Fulham
Woodgate - Boro
Bowyer - Charlton
Hodges - AFC Wimbledon
O'Neill - Stoke
Barton - Fleetwood
Campbell - Southend


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Just thinking, we can add in Ferguson at Everton.

In the meantime, another former coach has been appointed at Watford, to go with Calderwood at Cambridge.


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Not sure how long Pearson will last Rexn, his track record isn't the best. I was't sure if it was Steve or Colin Calderwood (had to quickly look it up).
Might have another to add soon. Listening to Rafa tonight at the West Ham game