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For BBJ and the rest of our Irish contingent


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Thanks, VOTN. Fear, none of us will ever be old - we'll all just get older.
For those who mightn't have seen it, this is what I said on Facebook -

Well, now that it's out of the way for another year (St Patrick's Day, that is) can I say that the traditional Irish dinner is NOT corned beef and cabbage, it's BACON and cabbage.
Oh, and when I come to power, use of the term "St Patty's Day" will be punishable by a 100% levy on the offendor's bank accounts.
Finally, when when we've worked so hard (and quite sucessfully) over many years to overcome squirm-inducing stereotypes of Irishness, why do we then, around this time of year, start putting on silly big green hats whilst carrying garishly-coloured plastic hammers?
Bah humbug......

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Not looked at this thread recently!

Yes, saw that post bbj and found it interesting, glad you posted it here.