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Football Legals


A recent spate of public vocal exchanges within the game could be about to raise a number of interesting employment law issues.

What went on inside the changing rooms and training grounds of professional football clubs used to be a secret kept behind stadia turnstiles.


I instantly think of JG and Ginola and Bliar's wife here. Thankfully that one didn't get through.

I agree with the comment.


Football libel case could undermine parliamentary privilege, says MP

A resurrected libel case involving bribery allegations at Fifa, football's world governing body, threatens to undermine the ability of MPs, peers and select committee witnesses to speak freely in parliament, a prominent MP has said.


He does have privilege, but I've still never understood the lack of fall out from his bribery comments. If it was so well known by the camp at the point, why did they only go public ONCE we'd lost the bid.