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Financial Meltdown


Vital Youth Team
Leeds United could see a financial meltdown similar to its predecessor, Peter Risdale if they get relegated.
As it is, they do offer some good value with the money its American investor pumped into the club.
But their business model would be unsustainable both on and off the field, when things get awry and investors redrew.
100 million spent is overreaching themselves. On the playing side, it is going to be daunting for a team that shipped goals at this rate and hope to outscore its opponents. Something got to change as things gets more difficult.
In this team, most do not have EPL experience and many are making the step up.
Victor Orta may be making small inroads into the developmental squad, but closer scrutiny sees cracks with several failing to make the cut while out on loan. Some, Leeds United paid good money for.
The U23s is case in point. So far none have shown the ability to bridge the gap or had fallen by the wayside after failing to step up into the first team.
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