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Exiles - Here's The Goals


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The Pool fan at 2.01 minutes(on the very top--highlights), sums up what most Pool fans must think. Listen carefully with the sound turned up and you can't miss his shouted comments. I wonder if that was Sexy? :clown:


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Haha missed that. That camera is literally 12yds right behind us. Yoy usually get the back of my head on ifollow as the teams come out.

Summed it up though.
Why oh why do we bring 11 players back for a corner.
Keep 2 up on halfway line - 1 on each touchline. They have to then bring 3 back as a minimum. 1 keeper 1 taking corner leaves 6 opponents in the box v 8 defenders + a keeper.
It really can't be that simple can it?

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Sexy s Dad was wise to stay home at the moment I am house bound but it is the same story every week...Simon lost what little inspiration he had and he is not motivating the team ..Change is needed now we need a Ollie type manager who can inspire sorry Simon time to go.