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Does the captain return?


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Cowley has a habit of swapping players around in busy spells and we have 3 more games in next 8 days - so I wouldn't be surprised to see him start.

However I would start him on the bench and reward those that have seen us through to 3 wins out of 3 in his absence.


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It would make far more sense to maintain status quo for Tranmere - which is the harder of the next two games on paper - and make a rotational change against Crewe if DC feels he needs fresh legs. That assumes everyone is fully fit, of course.

Besides which, we have won all three games during Freck's self-inflicted absence, and McCartan has started to come into his own in those three games. Do we really need to disrupt that if it is not necessary?


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Agree with others - bench to start and bring him on if needed. I'm sure DC has planned the teams according to the games we've got coming up though, so I'll trust him - just is time mind ??


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I agree too. Start from a position of no changes but then it's over to Danny to consider fatigue and tactical changes. I don't know enough about Tranmere to comment more deeply.

I don't think we go to Tranmere and say this is us it's up to you to stop us - hence my comment about potential tactical changes or not.


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If O'Connor has the legs he should start. I'm in the Freck for Crewe camp.
O'Connor made a lung busting at the end of the game trying to get on the end of Anderson's shot/cross very late on in the game so he appears fit to me, Freck may well have to wait but you never know with DC and NC.


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O'Connor made a lung busting at the end of the game trying to get on the end of Anderson's shot/cross very late on in the game so he appears fit to me, Freck may well have to wait but you never know with DC and NC.
Probably making a point knowing Freck's suspension is up:grinning:

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There will definitely be some changes. Freck in and see how it looks at 60 mins for me. Either Pett or O'Connor make way, means one is fresh for the weekend.
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I wouldn't like to guess how DC & NC will play it match by match, but with such a packed schedule ahead I'm sure we'll see some rotation at some point

But with so many good players of equal calibre at our disposal - what wonderful problems to have! :hmmm:


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I think he will start, maybe ahead of oconnor.. i think Wharton may play to and Shackell may be rested. Utilise the squad.


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no idea how he gets them all in the 11.

but would love to see green and akinde up front for this one - to give McNulty a massive run around.

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If he does come in, I think it'll be for O'Connor. Even though he's showing no signs of tiring, muscle fatigue might put him back to square one, which we don't want.


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Wouldn’t be surprised to see any of Freck, Wharton, Green or Wilson start and DC utilise the squad. But really not sure who you drop!

Maybe Smith for Vickers to with his recent injury.

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Definitely wouldn't change keepers as Vickers gives the back for more confidence, even though Smith played well when he came in.
Just start with the same team don't fiddle with a winning team.


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All depends how everyone is feeling - no point in keeping the same team and getting beat then saying we should have freshened things up. In Danny we trust


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This is probably are toughest game yet and I would keep the same team. But Danny will have a plan and I wouldn't be surprised to see Frecklington and Wharton come into the starting lineout. I think he will rest O'Connor from midfield. And although Shackell has been on great form lately Danny may look at resting him due to the fact, that at his age , he may struggle to play 3 games in a week.However Danny may surprise us all with his team selection, whatever he does I have total faith in him. Up the Imps!


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Why would you risk changing a settled and very competent defence for a difficult away game? If players are to be rested, surely it makes more sense to do it against Crewe and for the Checkatrade game at Scunthorpe? The assumption that Shackell will be knackered after playing ten games is a bit unfair to someone who is clearly very fit.

I understand the reasons for this squad rotation thing, but it can be overused.