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Vital Football Legend
Eric Hall, the flamboyant football agent who was part of the explosion in big money deals at the start of the Premier League, has died at the age of 73.
Known for his outlandish fashion sense and his "monster, monster" catchprase, Hall was initially a music promoter for acts such as Queen, Marc Bolan and the Sex Pistols.
He later went on to manage some of the biggest names in football during the 80s and 90s, following a chance meeting with former Tottenham Hotspur player Steve Perryman.



Vital Football Legend
As a 15 year old I vividly recall this impressive hulk of a man coming to give a talk on weight training to our school rugby team before he became so famous. Our PE teacher was pals with his brother. He was enthusiastic and inspiring and within a year I was bench pressing huge weights. A true motivator.