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Dave Shearer


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My mum let him and his mates in Joannas for free and he gave me complimentary tickets for all the games. He lived in a flat about the Viscount Harding in Gillingham high street.

chris who

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Amazing instincts must run in the Shearer family that first goal show how aware of space he was.A guy of the times.Happy birthday mate.Those were the days incredibly clever team .If only he looked after himself a little more he would have played at a much higher level.Maybe a classic one for the Alcohol in the work place thread .Perhaps too regularly after training anyway .A typical quality player of the 1980s maybe.


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One of my favourites too.

How lucky were we to see a team with Cas and Shakey up top, being supplied by the likes of Cochrane, Robinson and Smiffy on the wings?

Beautiful to watch.

Happy Birthday Dave 👍

New Boy

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Thank fuck. I thought you were going to say he croaked it! Proper old school striker and proper lad - sort of which we could do with now!
Exactly what I thought when I see the thread heading. Very relieved to see it was his birthday. Definitely one of the game's characters.


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Muscular with great technique and awareness, he and the the rest of our team at that time entertained consistently. That surely is what our game is about. I too was relieved this wasn't bad news. Live long Mr Shearer


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What a great time to be a Gills fan that was. Shearer is also one of my all time favourite players. My two sons are both in their 20s and have lived through some lean times as Gills fans and when I try to tell them of the joy of the Peacock era teams they are soo jealous. Happy birthday Shaky!


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Some years ago, I had a drink with his brother, think it was Finlay (Shearer) in a Belfast bar. Shearer was on a coach trip from Fort William in Scotland with a group of other men - they were all pretty rugged types and big drinkers, as i recall.


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Was the Duncan Shearer who played for Chelsea his brother as well?
Yes he is. I believe they all had a bit of a reputation for liking a beer or two. Duncan Shearer, in his autobiography, recalled him and David going on a two day bender after a Gills home match and David subsequently getting a rollicking from Keith Peacock following telephone calls to him from Chelsea, who were looking for their man Duncan - who`d been missing for 48 hours !

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Gills 58 - I smugly feel that although we were fewer in number, we were better in quality ;)
Quite right Rotherhithe. I regard myself as of exquisite class. In those days I'd cycle home from Peckham to Catford and then drive down to the Gills in my ancient Ford Escort. Wonderful times. Couldn't understand why people in Medway didn't bother going. Mugs.