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Danny Cowley Quote


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Picked up a copy of the Yorkshire Post last week and Danny made some interesting comments, along the lines of that they have learnt loads while at Huddersfield, and learnt more in their first 40 odd days than in their last 6 months at Lincoln and felt like a better manager than he was on September 9th. He said that confirmed it was the right move from him and Nicky.
Good luck to them both.


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Good luck to them and thanks but believe it or not they are nothing to do with Lincoln City anymore, they are not going to influence in anyway what we do on the pitch.

I am sure they would like to see us prosper but at the end of the day we are an entry on their CV and that's it!

Time to move on and let it go please, they have and so should we!

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He didn’t look very happy on Quest after the drubbing v Bris City, questioning the. players as ‘people’ 🤔

Leeds at home on Saturday lunchtime, still fancy they have a real relegation scrap on their hands?