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Cowleys approached by Mansfield


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Having a browse through some Stagsnet forum and this story isn't mentioned ( unless it's hidden amongst the drivel on there). You'd have thought some discussion of it would be taking place


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I'd say especially in lower-league football, where they are known. There probably isn't a club in L2 that wouldn't consider them and many in L1 would, as well.
If their pay-off from Huddersfield is as good as we are led to believe they’ve got plenty of time to sit and wait for the inevitable managerial vacancies that are always only a few defeats away.
I don’t think their stock is any lower now than it was just because an egotistic chairman sacked them to take back some of the control of club affairs that he once had. They made a mistake in choosing the wrong club in Huddersfield, as many people said on this forum at the time, I’d be surprised if they make the same mistake again with Mansfield.
I can’t argue with NorthNottsImps assessment of the quality of the club owners or the club infrastructure, I just don’t know enough about them, but I do know that the history of the club suggests they will never get the attendances the Imps get and even those weren’t high enough,inter alia, to keep them at Lincoln.


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Forest must be only a defeat or so away from shouting for a new Manager. They did what they were asked to do at Huddersfield, kept them in the Championship, Forest if it comes up could suit them, and still live in sunny Lincoln.
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Huddersfield could be struggling big time under Corberan and it will put the Cowleys efforts last season into a more favourable light. I still think their stock is still high and their best value will be to an average to large L1 club or a struggling championship one.


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He likes large budgets so operating with £1.25m is not attractive. It’s £2.5m in L1 and still unlimited in championship. Another 4 weeks and there will be a job a week
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I sincerely hope they are enjoying some quality family moments, biding their time and will undoubtedly have the pick of several clubs when Mrs. and Mrs. Cowley decide they've had enough of them grumpily getting under their feet.

The cap may work in their favour as they arguably could compete with bigger clubs for the same (established and experienced) quality players available to L1/L2 clubs once the handicap unravels after current contracts wind down. Then it will come down to other factors such as vision, training facilities, playing style, squad status, geography and so on.

On the other hand The MA approach of taking L1 quality youngsters and turning some of them into Championship/Premiership quality players may prove more beneficial in the medium term.

Alternatively both approaches could work equally well as there are of course more than one promotion spots each season.


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I think they will wait for another opportunity in the Championship. Their record at Huddersfield was decent IMO,and they did suceed in their objective of keeping them up. OK they were unlucky to be fired but that goes with the territory in football,especially at Championship level.

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I asked a Forest fan if he'd take the Cowley's and he said no, much preferring Nigel Pearson or Eddie Howe .... personally it'd be hard to stomach the brothers at either Stags or Cods.


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Just reading on the BBC pages that the Barnsley coach has had a go at his chairman over a lack of ambition. He has apparently been linked with a job in the States so possibly trying to get himself sacked for a pay-off.
Barnsley could be a prospective one for DC if the opportunity arose


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Just had a quick look over there. Seems there are some confused/deluded people in Nottingham.

"Jokanovic is also a wildcard choice. I’d still have Struber over him, I think - as Jokanovic has proven he can’t do it in the prem, Struber still an unknown quantities in that division."

Not sure being able to cope in the top tier is something they need right now!!