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County Takeover Rumours


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OK.. disclaimer first. This is 'stuff' that is semi-common rumour-knowledge and of course may be complete bunkum. The only thing I can say is this is by far the strongest of the many rumours we have heard in recent years..... so the interested party may be correct, but of course, the interested party may also walk away after any due diligence.

So treat with caution.

The name in the frame is a local chap made very good, Mark Stott.

He is Select Property

So the usual worry surfaces here...... property group... Edgeley Park... housing... etc.
Optimistic voices point to the expansion/development of Stockport College and the land around Booth Street. Could this be developed and Edgeley Park be developed alongside it into a 'sporting village' connected to the College and the Council?

Some of the above is my speculation.

So dream scenario... ground gets developed... new Railway End.. New Popside.. and an update of the Main Stand.... Jim Gannon retained and given resource to build a team that can reach the Championship and average c 10,000 attendances.

Nightmare scenario... land grab.. EP bulldozed and new stadium somewhere else in the borough with poor transport links and no nearby 'amenities'. Gannon moved on.

All the above could turn out to be bunkum but..... dunno... I want to trust my gut feeling that this is true and the optimistic scenario is going to happen.

Of course my gut feeling could be the onset of norovirus...


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...further thought.... this property company made it's name with student accommodation.

So perhaps an expansion of the college (wasn't there an ambition to become a higher level of learning establishment?) ... and so accommodation connected with the new improved college... next to EP...

...a college with a national reputation for sports (a la Loughborough University?) and an improved EP with training facilities attached to form a sports campus?

A lot of guesswork there and probably fanciful thinking!
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