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Council tax over 12 months

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worth sharing this.

Councils will now have to take 12 month instead of 10 month payments for council tax if you request it.


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I'v always paid my council tax over 12 months....just phoned up and told them that's what i want to do and they've done it - didn't realise they didn't have to do that previously..

The Fear

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And the council tax might be going up.

Also, what a f***ng state Eric Pickles is. Get off your arse and do some exercise !


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1.9% our council tax is going up this year in York and the council have told us it is for our own good! I kid you not


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Paver, I'd do what you do (ie have it in the bank at the start of the year) but then as there is no incentive to pay it all upfront, I'd keep it in an interest-bearing account and release the relevant amount into the current account each month in time to pay the direct debit.
Refresh my memory, what's the benefot of paying it over 10 months, Fear?

The Fear

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10 months was the only option. They have now changed the rules but aren't telling anyone, so you can do it over 12.

Just preference really, if you want to spread the payments or not.

Could never understand why they picked a ten month period I must admit!


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I had mine arrive this morning.Same price as last year I think.
It started me thinking about the argument i had with my mate about how to pay it.
His attitude is,Bollocks to `em.Pay monthly over the year and don`t give it to them up front.
Mine is,save up through the year for next year`s bill and pay the whole lot up front.
His reasoning is .....well basically there is no reasoning.He says Fuck `em.They `aint having my money up front.
Mine is purely down to cautiousness,ie if i was to lose my job/income for any reason,it would buy me a bit of time for that particular bill.
Just wondered what other people`s attitude was towards it ?


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I pay monthly direct debit. Reason I pay by DD is due to the fact a few years ago we were away and I missed the payment date by two or three days. Popped in and paid it day we got back. Got a letter the next day from the district council that made me out to be the biggest criminal since Hitler

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I've just asked my council to change the payment from 10 to 12 as per previous thread.

I guess just a budgeting thing for me, if it was slightly cheaper to pay up front I would, like I do with insurance, but as it isn't, why should I give them the money before it is due. I'd rather the interest than them have it!

I can see your thinking though Mr Paver. It does get it out of the way.


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The Fear - 8/3/2013 18:47

Could never understand why they picked a ten month period I must admit!
Perhaps so you can have a payment "holiday" at Christmas and during the summer?

The Fear

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Think it was more to do with wanting more monthly for their budgets. Have to admit, was never a major concern of mine, however to budget over 12 months suits me better unless an upfront payment ever profits me to do.

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Hi Folks

I’d requested my council tax payments go from 10 to 12 months and had an email confirmation. My new demand notice is still at 10 months. It might well be that this is just because it was already being sent and that another will follow.

If not, can you adjust it please?

I would also like to complain about the weather in Redditch over the last 12 months and hopefully the Council can let me know what plans they have to improve it over the next 12 months. I’d think that comes under your remit and not central governments?


Jonathan Fear

The Fear

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Ha, good point BBJ but no, I delegated !

Just want to see if they comment on the weather part of my email! lol