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Good news. Matt Hancock told us these weren’t necessary or effective, and months after the world and the company I work for introduce them, London Heathrow will have heat scanners.

I posted about this a couple of months ago, better late than never. It won’t prevent those carrying and not displaying symptoms, but if it reduces the number of people spreading. Y half that’s a good thing.
Those cameras are not accurate. There is only one way to determine fever and that is with a thermometer.


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Not from what I’m reading but share to prove me wrong if you find an article on it. I’m not saying they’ll catch all, but if it’s just half of people that’s a big catch.
They read surface area only and the degree of accuracy is +/- 3 degrees. Amazon who my wife and eldest son work for use them. They are always giving false alarms and didn't detect the case they've had there.
More cheap Chinese shit that's being marketed as something it isn't.


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I couldn't help myself.

They travelled for childcare should both of them get ill. That seems to be the only thing 'both' of their separate accounts agree on.

But the old folks didn't care for the kid. The sister didn't care for the kid.