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Club Classics

Dear all, we need your help.

We are researching club folklore games and also games that have particular great memories for you. We are looking for your own personal Club Classics and why they mean so much to you. What were your favourite games ever and why.

You know the games - the ones that still make you smile or that send a shiver down the spine just thinking about them

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Roger Ramjet

Vital Reserves Team
Real Madrid H 1975 4-1, Spurs H 1976 8-2, Ipswich A 1976 2-6, Liverpool H 1976 FAC 1-0 for atmosphere. A good season but won nowt and all downhill since. Fxxxxxx Gordon Hill.


Alert Team
Staff member
Seeing the legendary Eusebio try to plough his way through six inches of mud on the Baseball Ground after Brian Clough *accidentally* left the pitch watering system on overnight.................and Derek Hales score a very rare goal against Blackpool in the FA Cup, he was a legend at Charlton but never rekindled his goal scoring when a Ram
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