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Celebrity cheats

I hear talk on American TV shows that for many couples over there it is normal to have a theoretical agreement with your spouse/partner that should you get the chance to be unfaithful with one (dream) celebrity then it would be understood and forgiven.

Is this a real thing and if so do any Vital Villans have such an agreement? Assuming you do, who is your allowed cheat and who is your partner's?

I don't have one and would not want to cheat on my wife under any circumstances but if she were to leave me I wouldn't mind pursuing a romantic relationship with Ms. Love Hewitt. I reckon Mrs Northy has designs on Hugh Jackman.


Vital Football Legend
Yep we have an agreement.

Mine is Countryfile presenter Ellie Harrison.

Hers was always actor Nigel Harman but last time we spoke she said she might have a rethink as he aint been on for ages - I dunno if she came up with a new one.

I said to her from day one that if I was a bird i couldnt see past Sir David Beckham. He is the most perfect male specimen by far.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Mine used to be Debbie Harry,then Patsy Kensit and now I`m not so fussy,it would probably be easier to say which ones I wouldn`t.


Vital Football Legend
One of my ex's sisters did some modelling and I asked her if she could be my one 'safe' bang once.

We didnt talk for a couple of days.

She did eventually come round to the idea about a year after we split up and I bummed her sister.

As for now, the wife will let me have a go on Avril Lavigne or Cat deeley, whichever i get to first.
she allows this cause she thinks i dont stand a chance.

We'll see.



Me and the mrs had this agreement ages ago, mine is Demi Moore or jennifer aniston hers is Johnny Depp or for some strange weird reason Robert Carlisle