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Can you trust them 100%?

i wouldn't go near one.

I've had complaints galore today and yesterday.... Staff (not mine) leaving medication on tables and asking residents to give other residents their medication. Picking up medication off the floor and giving it to residents.

One home is that under staffed that and elderly resident beat up another resident who now is in hospital and wont leave as she is too scared!

There are some great homes out there dont get me wrong... but theres so much going on in others which is frightening!!

The Fear

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I hope to die before the need.

As you say, there are some good ones, but..............


The warden controlled places are nice for retired, smaller apartments, communal areas if they need them, alarms and a 24 hour warden but privacy etc.

*Shudders at the thought of it all*


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JF the supported living is completley different and as you more or less say , they are well run, clean and friendly.

But these large care homes , some of them are so badly ran.... awful for the families.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Yup, frightening. There was a world in action or panarama type programme on it a year or so back. I had to stop watching, it made you too angry what was going on.


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The Fear - 12/12/2013 10:13

Yup, frightening. There was a world in action or panarama type programme on it a year or so back. I had to stop watching, it made you too angry what was going on.
was that the issues going on at the castlebeck home in bristol?

i was shocked to see what was going on in that place and for how long they were getting away with it.

showering kids with learning disabilities with a hosepipe in the garden in winter... i hope karma gets these fuckers.


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I visit some of the care homes in Sandwell because I'm with the district nursing team and some of them are shocking. You really wouldn't put your dog in there. Mentioning no names there is a sheltered accommodation in Smethwick which is absolutely disgusting. I have this conversation several times a week at work regarding care homes and it's gone so far down the line I'm not even sure what the answer is anymore.
Best slit your wrists before getting put in one . My Wife worked as a Nurse on the agency years ago and the things that go on at the majority of them are shocking , especially on the night shift.

Shes often refused to go back to some and others have had her in tears .
You be better off and cheaper staying in a 4* hotel with room service.


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We only put Mom in a nursing home when we could do it no longer and the Dr's took over and said enough is enough.

I never wanted to however had plans in place just incase. Mom had dementia. We got Mom into a nursing home for the last 10 weeks of her life 5 minutes walk from us so we could go in every day. They are alot better with the person if they have family going in regular. Also we had a friend working their as a SRN at the time so she also could ensure everything was running smoothly with Mom.

Only when Mom broke her leg in respite that we had to give in and let nursing care take over. Thank goodness Mom didn't last too long after that for her sake.

Still miss her dreadfully. It is 3 years this Sunday since Mom passed. In some ways it has got easier. In others harder as it is more real now that I wont' see Mom again on earth



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Alsways read a CQC report on the home before choosing a home for your loved ones.

Simon i think i know about the place you're on about. Obviously i wont put the name of the place on here...