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Candy Crush etc re-directs

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
a decent article on how these pain in the neck adverts have affected the online industry (not just us!)

Been mostly ipad and iphone users recently I think.

The worst were a year ago, re-directing to porn sites. Even affected momsnet etc!


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Couple of months ago every time i came on here on my iPhone it re-directed me to the app store to download some dragon game. Was annoying.


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Yep I had the same thing only a few weeks ago. When your sat at your desk trying to pretend you working and it keeps re-directing you it's a pain.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
It has been a nightmare, for us, other sites but also a real nightmare for the advertisers.

Ultimately you complain to me on this network and the responsibility is mine.

I complain to them, the responsibility is theirs, they are serving them.

But, for them to try to track down these horrible tactics is so difficult and just as they had a lid on one, another comes along.

The worst thing for us (and so other sites non Vital) is people think we are selling these forms of advertising on purpose and making loads of money on them. Honestly, the cpm (what we make) is pathetic on re-directs and they are meant to be blocked just purely on the fact we only accept adverts of a certain £ and above.


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Ah I did wonder about these I thought it was an advertising campaign on vital so didn't moan as I know you make millions from them.....................


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I know the feeling I just clicked on a Facebook link to intelligent football chat with like minded people and it sent me here.
Lol Still-Ian

We are getting besieged at work by e-mails using our customers/supplies addresses saying for example "invoice attached" but enclosed in a zip file.

One of the girls opened the file and the computers were down for 3 days.

Inland Revenue , Companies House etc , we are getting them from everywhere.