Brum thrashing


Vital Reserves Team
What a night. 5-0 was flattering to them in the end. Was fairly end to end until the first goal went in after which they increasingly fell apart. It is not often in this division you see a team battered like that. We were light years ahead of them in play and togetherness, they looked like what we know they are, a fairly shambolic collection of highly paid individuals.

Superb performances all round from us and a terrific atmosphere aided by having Dean as the pantomime villain all match, he must have been really glad to get on that coach last night. Slightly surprised the club joined in with the Daydream believer song (twice) but it got everyone going for sure. PG seemed really wound up as well. Must have more going on behind the scenes than we thought on that now infamous last transfer day.

We are gonna miss these Tuesday nights at GP.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Last one under lights this season....unless we get a postponement, and after last night I'd like to see all matches moved to Tuesday night
Was the best atmosphere at Griffin Park for ages, maybe we should just pick a pantomime villain every match for no apparent reason?
Was just a brilliant performance by all. Nice to see Maupay getting his confidence back and in the goals too.