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Yet more advice required please Vital peeps

A friend of mine with a get now pay later card from Argous has decided she needs a bridge camera to take better photos at her daughters upcoming wedding, nudge, nudge. Snap, snap. Grin, grin. Wink, wink. Say no more!

She is willing to go to 200ish maybe a bit more for a recommendation.

The link to the page

Any advice gratefully received :14:



Alert Team
Bridge cameras are great and have the advantage of great zooms, convenience, and ease of use, but you will get better results in the end with a digital SLR camera. A good site for reviews is here:


Vital Squad Member
My previous camera was a Canon power shot sx20. It's a great bridge camera, and very easy to use. There's a power shot on that Argos web page, which might be worth considering.


Vital Football Hero
I think if you stick with Canon or Nikon and spend as much as you can afford, you won't go far wrong. is excellent.


That site was most useful, she ended up getting the Sony