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Birds Eye Grills


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Chicken grills.

Is this really their advert.

An at best an 11-14 year old girls craves a floppy haired dude, and their food will decide a romantic encounter?

Park, Cinema...bring out the big guns Lucy????

But it's fine because of a fucking stuffed polar bear!

Are they really attracting an underage audience?

The Captain has shot his load, and frankly his PR media adviser should have his load shot - all over his P45.

**** of company.


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I have no idea what this is all about, but judging by the scatting of posts across the site the Merlot was free flowing last night! LOL

:101: :91: :19:


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Neither have I though I might have: Frowns: Basically I switch off within when adverts come on and take no notice of them

The only 1 that has gotten through to me in the past few years was the extremely annoying yet wonderfully done Go Compare adverts. They drive everyone round the bend and now we see the other side of the revenge factor.

I don't generally take any notice of adverts