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best supermarket delivery


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due to medical condition, now gonna have to rely on supermarket delivery a bit more so what im looking for is

value for money

time it takes from ordering to doorstep

how much they get right/or wrong.

add your own options but original list is local to myself, though wish aldi or lidl would do home delivery!!


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Morisons don't do home delivery yet. When they do I will use them. They are bringing it into fruition.

I have only had home delivery once from Tesco's when we got off holiday cos I didn't want to go shopping. There delivery time was O.K. I could pick my delivery time in hour format. I am not a Tesco's fan so I wasn't keen but that was more because I much prefer Morrison's.

I am not an Asda fan either so I can't be much help. I will tick Morison's but you will be waiting a long for it as they don't start until January 2014 I don't think.

Iceland I hear are good. I don't know. Probably not of much help.

I believe Tesco's do free delivery the first time. They did with us. I did get a phone call from them after asking if I was happy with the service etc. They will take things back they deliver if you are not happy with them and give you a refund. I do remember that.


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just ordered from asda so will see how they do, as did look on the iceland site but you cant actually order stuff from it!! you have to turn up, go around with the trolley and then pay for it and only then will they deliver it!! bloody well defeats the object altogether!! ffs


I too would be interested in your opinions on Asda. Tried Tesco but their packing of items was very poor as some stuff got damaged/squashed. Keep us posted..
Iceland - you have to order in store and then they deliver. Can't be done online.

Morrison's don't do online delivery either.

Never had a problem with Tesco, what we ordered arrived.

Asda, obsessed with 'substitutions' and even if you click no substitutions you find their delivery hubs as empty as the shelves in the store so you never end up 100% with what you select.

Sainbury never used so can't comment.

Think it may apply to all, but Asda for definite, the price you see when ordering is not 100% the price you pay when it gets debited from your card. Watch your bill.

Think Watchdog found Tesco foul of that as well.

They bill at the time of billing and not at the time of ordering.


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will have to keep an eye on that mike, far as i know morrisons will be doing home delivery soon so thought i would put in that option.

well did order for the window of 1pm to 3pm for asda and duly arrived at 1.20 so a tick for timing, no substitutions so another tick, but as mike says, will check my debit card as always keep a receipt to check.

but cant complain about asda so far.
Yeah apart from the subs element/or then if not missing things Asda time wise are reliable etc.

Save an online receipt or your shopping list mate or make a note of the total cost somewhere, because the receipt they give when delivering I think was where people noticed the difference in the bill because it didn't match what the history said in their online basket.

Hopefully since the uproar over it they've packed it in anyway. Wasn't a huge amount but the quids mount up don't they.