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Aston Villa v NUFC


Vital 1st Team Regular
Promising start to the usual scrappy shite

Referee letting everything go in the first half hour then decides to punish Hayden and Wilson for fuck all

We'll do well to come back from this


Vital 1st Team Regular
Losing by a goal from a throw in, Ings under zero pressure volleys it in. Murphy and Ritchie as full backs doesn't work and even against a piss poor Villa midfield Villa are winning the midfield battle. Wilson was clean through early doors and put it over. The ref's been a homer like.


Vital 1st Team Regular
That's a penalty in todays game but Lascelles arm was there before the ball was headed

We haven't got the fight for this one


Vital 1st Team Regular
Wilson missed a sitter

Another harsh penalty decision (in my book)

As shite as Bruce is we look OK when we first step on the pitch then we turn to absolute shite at times where no one seems to know what they are doing - players have got to take the blame for that

Biggest dissapointment though is Jones - I thought the new messiah would have sorted all this shit out by now


Vital Youth Team
Oh dear things not looking great. We seem to lose 2-0 at Villa every season. VAR seems to be playing a big part in our games although by all accounts it sounds like we deserved to get beat.


Vital 1st Team Regular
How much of the game did you see UK ?
Zip, Nada, Sweet FA but I don't need to, to know that it was utter shite. Shite coach, shite players and a fucking shitehawk of an owner serving up the same drab, boring shite as last time.

I didn't see the VAR calls and I've no interest in it to be honest. Shit happens in football but don't use it as a fucking excuse for being SHITE! Especially when VAR saved that pie eating ****'s backside a few times last season.

Where are all the pundits with their blowing smoke up his hairy fucking arse?

*rant over!
I dont disagree that it's a shit manager and shit ownership or even what the main emphasis should be over who's fault this all is but the more times ive seen the Wilson 'offside' before the pen, the more I cant fathom why a 5 and a half foot bloke has size 30 feet on the VAR 'rigged' images.