Paper talk I know but The Mirror reckon that all of Ashley's transfers could be under scrutiny by the HMRC which would explain the talk that he wants a quick getaway.

Whatever happens and whatever the truth is, you just know that it'll be us that suffer in the long term rather than those that have allegedly dipped in the till.


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If there is any wrong doing those responsible will not be able to hide from the HMRC. If this sorry is half as big as suggested Charnley might be doing some time(fingers crossed). There are some reports that say the HMRC suggest that Charnley is dishonest and untrustworthy. We didn't need the HMRC to tell us that. Makes me wonder what (££££) the liability will be, will it put potential buyers off? Don't suppose so if the price is reflective of it. However i see a potential points deduction really being a fly in the sale ointment.
Bloody typical.

The Pyrry

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Talking 5o a Scottish lad at the weekend. He reckons we are in deep doo doo as it's the same as what rangers did !!! If they are the benchmark then it's division 2 for us .

Hope the FA don't go down that route
If it's just a simple case of trying to save cash via tax purposes then surely a fine and jail time for the individuals involved is enough. You can hardly say we've benefited on the pitch.


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We all know the devil looks after his own, so I don't expect Ashley to take any sort of hit. Some of the non doms that own football clubs get away with the same if not more