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It was nice chatting Trekker, your a good lad now im about to start partying with Fear and enjoy every last minute of this Armagedon woohoo ''cmon lets do the conga''


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Trekker - 27/10/2013 22:28

Just wanted to wish you all a nice Armageddon this evening and tomorrow morning.
Happy Armageddon. If this time it is true we will see you on the other side in Heavenly Villa Park where all the greats will be, so then we will be the best again :14:

Mind you I think I will take my stock of food with me as there could be quite a queue and if it's anything like Morrison's & all the other supermarkets today we will be fighting to get in The Pearly gates.

Just hope St Peter computer can stand the data rush, else the disciples may have to go round collecting loaves and fishes :56:


Alert Team
Sky news milking the storm for all it's worth. Thirty minutes of continuous coverage so far and all the damage they have reported is leaves falling off trees and a newspaper photographer getting wet in Brighton.


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I woke up this morning expecting to see cars and fallen trees floating toward the co-op only to find that it was a bit breezy with rain.

Interesting conversation in the Grizzly household last night, as the Mrs had confused hurricanes with tornadoes. The long winter evenings just fly by.


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Really is Armageddon all the racing in England and Wales has been called off now what am I going to do when I inevitably get knocked out the dominoes in the first round as racing comforts me after this big disappointment.Tell you what this Armageddon fella better stay out of my way this afternoon.