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Are The PFA a Bunch of Pussies?


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Clarke Carlisle is trying to distance himself from Reginald D Hunter's act at the PFA awards.

Reginald repeatedly used the word ****** in his act. Our friend Reginald is a black man from America. He uses the word ****** in his act, as is his right.

FFS, what kind of up-tight, half-assed, pussy-footing **** would sit through the act stone faced because the comedian uses his own language?

Laugh, Clarke, laugh. He's making jokes for your entertainment.


I agree Mike, you should either be in one or the other, even Owen said he voted Benteke for young player and Monkey boy for the other. I think it's a disgrace he was in both, bloody shambles!


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Clark Carlisle is a self-publicizing whinging twat - same as any union person I've ever spoken to.

Mr Reg's act is renowned for its racist theme - how the hell did those muppets not realize this prior to booking!


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i like reg as watched him on have i got news for you, and he just takes the piss out of the pc brigade and every time he says the word ****** just looks at peoples faces and smiles lol


One Bloody Number
The whole episode is hillarious.

Darren Gough said Reiginald should have 'tailored his act to suit the audience'. Have these people never seen Reignald D Hunter before? if he took the word ****** out of his act, he would have NO act!!

It's like hiring a sword swallower and expecting him not to swallow swords.

I don't see the problem. Reginald is a funny guy. If he comedy is good enough for DVD's and TV, then I don't see why footballers are a special case.

However, if the FA are that pussy that they can't abide the word ****** be related to football in any possible way, then why the fookin hell did they book him? Whoever booked him should be hung from a tree like a nig..... night time hanging.


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Going off topic a bit but this is the reason why I only like white male comedians. Women and Blacks have to base their comedy around the fact they are women or black, which is shit.

As for taking offence though, people need to grow some thicker skin, this PC nonsense is taking the piss now. They should also have done their research if they thought any offence could be taken.

They should have hired Mickey Flanagan: much funnier, although probably fully booked.


One Bloody Number
To be fair Jim, most good comedians are self satirising. Mickey Flanagan who I agree is brillaint takes the piss out of his cockney roots and the fact he's fat quite a lot.

It's no different to a black comedian taking the piss out of blacks or a female comedian taking the piss out of women.


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Jo 'i eat loads of cake and hate men' Brand,

Lenny 'aaargh arggh katanga, awooga' Henry


Frank 'give me any topic and I will make you laugh' Skinner

you decide?


One Bloody Number
Frank Skinner every day.

But then a lot of his material is based around his alcoholism, his up bringing in deepest darkest Smethwick etc...

All comedians material is personal to them, so obviously a fat women is gonna make jokes about being fat and loving cake, and a black man is going to make jokes about being black and what that entails, much in the same way an alcoholic such as Skinner will have a lot of meterial about messy nights out on the booze.

If it makes me laugh it makes me laugh, whatever the subject. Lenny Henry and Jo Brand just aren;t funny, it's nothing to do with them being women or black. There are loads of good black comedians. I'm struggling to think of any female ones though, but then you could say that about sport, business, and industry too ...............

<runs for the Hills> sorry Siggy and Kefkat :-)


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Yeah we could go on all day about our taste in comedians, but I find generally that your white fellas have a wider scope. Skinner has had me in bits talking about everyday bog standard things, that for me is a comedy talent.

I cant think of a funny black man - even the likes of richard pryor, bill cosby, eddie murphy.. the so called greats, I thought were shite.


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Reg hunter is about as funny as bellend cancer.

'Hey did you hear what the white guy said the black guy?'
'He said 'Im white and thats funny cos youre black'

fuck off you boring c*nt.


DeanoVilla - 30/4/2013 14:04
It's no different to a black comedian taking the piss out of blacks or a female comedian taking the piss out of women.
Just to point out that most female "comedians" do nothing but slag off men (example Jo Brand) and most black "comedians" are racist towards the white race (example Chris Rock) and you'll find that most of these so called comedians have slim to none original material it's all just the same regurgitated bull shit.