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Any other Landlords on here?


One Bloody Number
Bit of advice needed.

I rent my house out, through an agent and it's supposed to be a fully managed service which I pay 10% for.

The tenants have been there 18 months now and while in general they have been ok, passed all inspections, paid on time, no major problems, they do tend to find 1 little niggly thing at least once per month which means I never end up seeing the full amount of rent.

I'm talking things like.....

Loose plug socket
Pull cord for the bathroom light, has come off the ceiling
Latch on the bedroom door is stiff so won't shut properly
and now today, rawl plug has come out of the wall meaning the curtain pole in the living room has fallen down.

For 18 months I've just told the agent to get on with things and taken the £30/£40/£50 hit for that month, but I'm getting fed up of it now.

How can any of those things be fair wear and tear?

How does a pull cord just come away from the cieling or a rawl plug come out of the wall, without it being miss used?

Should I start pushing back and saying, "sod off, you bust it you pay to fix it!", or for the sake of an easy life should I just continue to bite the bullet and fix these kinds of issues for them?

And what the hell am I paying the agent 10% for? Surely they should be making a judgement on these kinds of things and not even bothering to contact me unless it's fair wear and tear and therefore my responsibilty to fix?



Deano mate they are taking the piss dude, i have private rented for about 8 years before moving into my current council house and i never called the landloed for a pullcord or a loose socket or a bloody bedroom latch total piss take, they can do those things themselves a bloody pull cord omg sorry dudei would look at getting new tennants if this carries on tbh or try having a polite word saying surely a bedroom latch is doable yourself as thats wear and tear for gods sake.


OH P.S you are an amazing landlord to even bother doing the things they are asking of you tbh i have had many landlords who i had to moan at to get them to sort some heating out in the place and electricity major things and that took ages just ignore them if i was you mate for these petty things there is nothing they can do about it anyway over a bedroom door latch lol

Or maybe the woman fancies you and wants you round there?
They are trying it on and you can't blame them, as long as you pay for the repairs they save a bit of cash and also get a nicer house to live in. As for the agents, they clearly enjoy your 10% but don't want to do much for it. Do they actually do anything for their money? If not, get rid and rent out direct.