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Announcement at the tower today


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BFC have entered into partnership with Blackpool Council and @visitBlackpool will adorn the home shirts next season.

mental health initiative Get Vocal will adorn Blackpool's away shirt next season.


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In the long list of companies that have sponsored Blackpool over the years is this another going to go bust ie Blackpool council? :ROFLMAO:


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Well done for having a special launch that was innovative, positive and got some publicity. I have read Ben Hatton's interview with the Gazette today and he indicates that the sale of the club is progressing in line with the receiver's original projection - that is in June. I see from a thread on AVFTT that a couple of small charges on the assets of the club have recently been settled, which paves the way for completing the sale.


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Hope it is June and these tin pot signings aren't the way forward they have felt more of the usual crap we have been used to


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Beeb piece:

Blackpool: League One club hope to have new owners by end of June
By Simon Stone
BBC Sport

Blackpool finished 10th in League One last season under Terry McPhillips
Blackpool hope to have new owners by the end of June as the process of moving the embattled League One club forward reaches its conclusion.
Receivers have run the club since February as former owner Owen Oyston's 31-year reign ended in the High Court.
Paul Cooper and David Rubin have almost finished going through formal bids, with an announcement due imminently.
The Tangerines went from Premier League to League Two in six seasons amid arguments between the Oystons and fans,
Fans went on to boycott matches in protest against the Oyston family, however the boycott came to an end after they were removed.
The former Manchester United and Inter Milan executive Michael Bolingbroke, who was appointed executive chairman in April as the bid process continued, feels the people of Blackpool can start feeling proud of their club again.
He told the BBC: "This club is such an important part of the community. It was vital to get it back on its feet."
Manager Terry McPhillips has recently stated he is still working on the same annual budget put in place when the Oystons were at the club.
However, that could change once the new owner is confirmed and Bolingbroke is optimistic about the future.
He said: "We can challenge towards the top end of the league with the squad as it is.
"Obviously, the more money you have to spend, provided you spend it wisely, the better you can do and, in time, we should be looking at the Championship.
"It is not just about the first team squad though. Investment is also required in the academy and on the training ground.
"I have really enjoyed it here. It is a very easy club to become emotionally invested in."