3000 day war


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Now this is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

To all the lads who stood their ground and refused to be dry bum raped and be complicit in the destruction of our once proud club by not funding the nufc division of sports direct i congratulate you. The fat parasite now concedes he cant hold onto a premier league club without spending/investing in the playing staff which we all knew back in 2007/08, and to all the happy clappers who gladly took our seats, we're coming back, we havent gone away you know and hopefully we can have that party we all talked about years ago when we walked out not knowing if we'd ever return.

Btw who the fuck is this cuckfan? Is he/she another troll who probably never went to the match before keegans era, i do know one thing that if the club does move on after ashley this place will be buzzing again and cock splashes like this **** wont be heard of again.


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All the usual will have this 'I was there through thick and thin'.

No, you weren't. You deserted.

All football clubs go through ups and downs - it's staying with them that matters. But that takes balls, which is why you only have it in your name, not in reality. And talk it.


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Thick and Thin? You bellend, it was our generation who helped the halls and Co to wrestle control from McKeag & Seymour, your saying i/we deserted id say we are the pioneers of change you pal are everything thats been wrong at sjp for 10 yrs.


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Cockfan one last question, does your mam claim DLA for your ADHD/asbergers/autism?
Does she drive you around in a nissan nashquai?


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He is a helmet CB, tossers like that ruin any forum. I used to like this one when the big hitters were on, now we have to put up with "look how clever I am" gobshite fantasists like CF.


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Not time to leave the trenches yet claud but our day will come. As for cockfan he is to be pitied rather than hated an obvious fantasist who lives to wond people up because his life is sad.